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love this... THEITGAL, NV Rating 1/14/2012
wonderfully thought out. It is so useful, especially for women.
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Best little tool! Great addition to my tool family... Mariahsull, FL Rating 1/1/2012
I am the person in my house that repairs everything! My husband doesn't have a clue about real tools. He'd rather use an old fashion regular screwdriver. It came in handy on Christmas morning! A few of the toys Santa brought needed batteries. I love that you can use it by itself, with a bit screwdriver, and with a drill! AMAZING!!!
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amazing tool !... Highlander7, CA Rating 12/28/2011
THE answer to finding the right driver for any job around the house. Great magnet, convenient, several driver heads and perfect when faced with several types of heads on one project.
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wonderful ... Millie415, GA Rating 12/27/2011
I gave eleven of my girlfriends this wonderful set and they were so delighted!
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So handy!... TJinCO, CO Rating 12/20/2011
Ordered this for the convenience of not carrying a box of driver heads everywhere. This does everything it promises and more. For a small screwdriver it is easy to grip. Works in small spaces. Magnet is really strong. Bought more for my son graduate student can only afford furniture you assemble yourself and neighbor always needs help/tools to assemble things for her children.
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Scruzol Screwdriver and Power Drill Accessory

Item: 124-787
HSN Price: $19.95
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Scruzol Screwdriver and Power Drill Accessory
Why settle for a simple screwdriver when you could have a Scruzol? Dual bit sockets let you use it as a handheld screwdriver or a drill-driven power driver. Its powerful magnetic handle holds your bits at the ready where you can flick them out when you need them, holds screws while you work and sticks firmly to any metal surface when you're done. It comes with an assortment of versatile accessory bits suitable for a wide variety of jobs.

What You Get

  • Handle/carrier
  • 1/4" flat screwdriver bit
  • 3/16" flat screwdriver bit
  • Hex M4 bit
  • Hex M5 bit
  • 3 Phillips bits (1, 2, 3)
  • 3 square bits (1, 2, 3)
  • Torx 25 bit
  • Torx 30 bit
  • Square-to-hex adapter

Scruzol Screwdriver and Power Drill Accessory Features

Dual bit sockets
  • Enable a Scruzol to be driven from either end so it can transform instantly into either a handheld manual screwdriver or a drill-driven power-driver

Compact bit storage system
  • Bits slide freely in their open-ended storage slots, but snap securely to the central magnet in the handle
  • Enables fast bit swapping with a tactile feel

Magnetic handle
  • The same powerful magnet that holds the bits in place holds the Scruzol to any metal surface, much like a refrigerator magnet
  • Also offers an ultra-strong attraction to screws
  • Allows single-handed operation

Electric-screwdriver compatible
  • Works with small electric screwdrivers when you insert bits in the handle's rear bit-socket
  • Enjoy power-driving convenience


  • Measurements:
Approx. 4-1/2"L x 1" in diameter
  • Weight:
Approx. 4.16 oz.
  • Material Composition:
Metal and plastic 
  • Country of Origin:

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